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A ver Nice app

One of the most comfortable app on the Ipad to get news !


A very good application !! Jadore lire ce journal !!

Great app, definitely recommended

Great app, with possibilities to navigate through different editions of the wsj. Latest edition is continuously updating. Would have added a 5th star if there was a search module.

Perfect app

Very nice app

I use it every day but...

... still missing a search function (or never found it). And more convenient to use on an ipad.


Not as good as I expected. Terminated subscription after one month.

Easy to use

This app is easy to use and give a good access to the news.

Very good

Very good

Love it but...

I would also like search capabilities and the possibility of adding/reading comments!

À 12 years subscribir to the WSJ online

Not bad but could be better Missing: Articles search Capacity to add comments Then it will be just the best app ever owned

Great app

Love the app, love The Journal/content.

Loving it

I completly love it, it´s easy to use an to understand


Awsome and then some - read it daily !


Fairly good app


This app works perfectly, it is easy to navigate and displays clear content to the reader.

Great app!

Good compromise between print and mobile UI. Navigation is easy and content is excellent. To be recommended.

WSJ review

Very good experience! Only thing, It takes you back to the latest point you were at, something you do not do when reading a regular paper.

Very poor on iphone

Does not look like the wsj on iphone. Ok on ipad even if the width of the columns make the reading tiedous. Nothing like the "fast ft" service to get up to date 24/24 news.

No reader comments facility

Please see the New York Times app which allows user to see NYT reader comments! These are an important addition to journalists views.

Refresh is a nightmare

Every time I open this app the news is stale- dating back to the last time I viewed it - and refreshing to update often doesnt work. I have to tap several times. Major annoyance

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